Full Days

I’ve been thinking about how full my days are now. And how tired I get at the end of them. Then I remember. I remember days when we were building this house, planting this land. I had two children and then another while in the thick of it all. I worked all day from sun up to well after the sun went down. Working the land, getting gardens and businesses started, cooking healthy meal after meal, tending to my babies. And still had some juice left over for my then-husband. Imagine. Can’t imagine now. I was no youngster (although now it surely seems like it to me!) I was in my mid-30’s into my mid-40’s. But, energy I had in copious amounts. Now a day with barely half that amount of output and I am plain old pooped! I am, indeed, 63  –  I am well aware. But, still I marvel at the young woman and all she did. And almost always with a smile on her face. And surely with love and intention. Well, blessings on that gal and blessings on the old gal she has become! What a life.


lee and newborn bay planting seeds

Lee and newborn Bay planting seeds



3 thoughts on “Full Days

  1. I marvel at the same thing… it think it had something to do with our amazing ability to multi-task a dozen things at once way back in the day… nowadays, not so much…respect dear Lee… you are awesome

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