A Spoiled Lot

We are a spoiled lot here on Kauai. Really. Year-round we have delectable, divine fresh produce on our tables and in our tummies. We tend to forget that there are, indeed, seasons here on Kauai, as subtle as they might be. And this is summer, in all its glory. And our gardens are full of bolted lettuce as the result of all this sunshine and heat. That same sunshine and heat that makes the dip we hopefully remember to take in our juicy ocean so very vital is the nemesis to lettuce growing.  So, this week we actually have no lettuce. Yup. No lettuce to sell or eat.  So, we shall have to be content with the scrumptious beets, chard, kale, fennel, eggplant, oranges, bananas, papayas, basil, squash, long beans, eggs, pac choi, tat sai, leeks, scallions and more.  Did I say spoiled???!!!  

our circle garden, start house and work shed


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