A Real Vacation

Tomorrow morning finds me leaving my farm and family for a real two week vacation. Off to Seattle for two days of city fun. Then the opposite of that and a far cry from my life here–two weeks in the wilderness of SE Alaska. There friends have bought an abandoned salmon cannery and renovated it. There they live for six months of the year. Only way in or out is by boat or float plane. I’ll be flying in on the latter–the mail plane, in fact. Their home has all the comforts one could imagine — with the bonus of bald eagles fishing, humpback whales frolicking and brown bears hunting–all right in front of their bayfront home.  We’ll talk, walk. We’ll fish and eat crab, shrimp, clams, salmon, halibut, and trout, all freshly caught. We’ll marvel at wildflowers and tend their garden. We’ll play scrabble and read by the fire. We’ll watch sunsets that rival any I’ve ever seen and these will be at 11:30PM. There is no internet and limited telephone. Like I said–a real vacation.

Solstice Sunset Sitkoh Bay Alaska 2009


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