Loss for Words

As the cursor blinks insistently at me, I find myself somewhat groggy from the heat up here in my loft office and at a loss for words. I want to be excited about the news of yesterday, but instead find myself fragmented and sad that we are still killing and warring. I want to trust that the president I so desperately wanted in office knows just what he is doing. I want to believe that this will not stir up more and more repercussions from more and more angry people. I want to know that these decisions made in the name of me and my country are solid and sane. And, yet, I know none of the above. And so I’ll continue to have some faith in the innate goodness of most. And I’ll carry on doing the best that I personally possibly can—each and every day, in each and every little way. Really, what more can I do??? For the simple fact is that we will never know what really happened in that compound across the world or what happened in the previous years to lead us to that point. The players are so much bigger and the issues so much more complicated than my bursting brain can comprehend.  So, what shall I do?—grow clean, delicious  food for my community to enjoy while each of us, in whatever way we can, spreads peace around a bit.


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